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Top Perl Programmer

Today I noticed that I’m the top Perl programmer on oDesk’s Perl trends page.  I don’t know how long I’ve been there, but maybe it helps explain the invite by Rebecca Daneault (an oDesk account manager) to an oDesk challenge interview.  If you don’t understand the significance of this, you need to understand something about oDesk.  oDesk is a huge marketplace for online work teams and freelancers, with 354,416 registered coders, with 2,619 of them being perl programmers.

And since I don’t know how oDesk is building this list of top programmers, I don’t know how long I’ll stay at the top.  It appears to be number of hours logged, but it could possibly include feedback score as part of a weighted sorting method.  For now I’ll keep (efficiently) putting in hours on Perl projects.   Note that I don’t only do Perl but a wide variety including PHP, Javascript, HTML, Apache, Linux, a little bit of C an assembly on microcontrollers, etc.

Thank you, oDesk!



Contact me

You can contact me by using this email address:

We can also communicate by these means:

  • Yahoo Messenger
  • MSN Messenger
  • Skype
  • Google Talk
  • Telephone (of course)

However, I do not give out my screen names until initial contact has been established via the email address above, for reasons which ought to be pretty obvious.

If you want to hire me, you can do so by visiting my oDesk profile, and then going through the buyer signup process (if you have not done so already), posting a listing, and inviting me to an interview for it. Keep in mind that I will be interviewing you as much as you are me. I do not take on projects involving adult content, dating, gambling, alcohol, or various other topics that I consider to have a “sleaze” factor.

That having been said, I can assure you quality and expertise for your project. I have been studying computer programming for many years, and for about 2 years now (as of this writing) working full-time through oDesk.  My oDesk profile and feedback should speak highly enough, if you prefer not to take my word for it.

I work as a freelance programmer out of my home office, wherever home happens to be, usually in Michigan, in the Eastern time zone (GMT-5)

Dan Hartman


Software Solutions

Time Clock

Here is a screenshot of a very simple, easy to use time clock program that I developed for a company that I work for. Here are its features:

1. QuickBooks integration
2. Client/Server architecture
3. MySQL database
4. Automatic lunch break and overtime
5. Unlimited users
6. PDF timesheet output
7. Written in Perl

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not available! It is property of the firm that I developed it for. I simply describe it here for bragging purposes.


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Web Site Design

Christian Light Publications

This is a publishing company in Virginia that sells a variety of Christian books and homeschool curriculum. I worked closely with their art department to create their page layout. They did a large image of how they wanted their homepage to look, and I converted it to HTML. I also developed their shopping cart and product search engine.  This screenshot is old, however, and their site has been redone recently.  (gotta love that classic mozilla chrome eh?)


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