Software Solutions

Time Clock

Here is a screenshot of a very simple, easy to use time clock program that I developed for a company that I work for. Here are its features:

1. QuickBooks integration
2. Client/Server architecture
3. MySQL database
4. Automatic lunch break and overtime
5. Unlimited users
6. PDF timesheet output
7. Written in Perl

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not available! It is property of the firm that I developed it for. I simply describe it here for bragging purposes.


Project, Process, and Detail Tasklist

I developed this program for organizing projects. After completing many complicated projects over the years, I observed that there are 3 elements to our daily lives: projects, processes, and details. Too often, we tend to heap all the details up on one big pile, and stand there scratching our heads.

This program was designed to organize a list of projects and their processes and details. The interface is very clean and simple, but the underlying data structure is quite sophisticated to allow detailed reporting. Some features include:

1. Client/Server architecture
2. MySQL database
3. Written in Perl

This program is currently in alpha. I use it at several installations to organize and track the many projects I have going at once, but it is not completed yet for general use.


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