Technical Illustration

Full Color Sketches

When you need a sketch that illustrates an idea in bright color, here’s an example of what can be achieved. This illustration demonstrates the flow of electricity using water and pipes to show how the current flows.

All of these illustrations were created by me and are examples from highly successful how-to books that I have written. Click on any of the pictures in the gallery to enlarge.


Exploded Views

I always loved taking things apart as a kid. The trick was getting them back together. When things are taken apart in “virtual reality” they can be visualized in ways that completed assemblies cannot.


Cutaways & See thru’s

Not everything can be taken apart. Some things need to be peeked inside of, and its inner workings examined with all assemblies intact!

This is a cutaway view of a pot-cored transformer. It shows the primary and secondary windings and how they are insulated one from another. It’s hard to describe or picture one of these any other way.


Line Drawings

Is white a color? Sometimes it is the best color. Some would argue that it is not a color, or that it is all colors combined. Bah. By eliminating color and reducing an illustration to nothing but black lines on a white background, a certain clarity and simplicity can be achieved.

This welding electrode illustration was rendered in line art from a three-dimensional computer generated model. Poses and camera angles can all be specified, even in line art illustrations, when they are rendered from 3D models.


Electrical Schematics

Staring into a box of wires going every which way is confusing. A schematic shouldn’t be. That’s the reason for electrical schematics. Let me do your schematics, and hopefully we can keep the wires from getting crossed. I’ve got all your fancy symbols right here!

I can do color enhanced schematics for you like this one. High current lines can be emphasized by making them thicker, and highlighting added to identify parts of the circuit. Or everything can be very simple and black and white, as needed by the application.


Assembly Instructions

Ok, some of you are woodworkers by birth. The rest of us need to know where to put in the screws, how many, and how far apart. A good semi-transparent layout sketch makes it easy.

This illustration is a cabinet for a build-it-yourself arc welder, constructed of plywood and dimensional lumber.


User Manuals

Call on me to illustrate your user manuals, thick or thin. I’ve written sofware manuals, programmers API manuals, and do-it-yourself how-to books. I can develop and illustrate my own examples. Hey, this web page is an example!

Let me do your manuals. They will be delivered in press-ready Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files.


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